• Curalux is passionate about providing top-quality animal health products.
  • Their mission is to revolutionize the industry by offering cutting-edge solutions for pet owners, breeders, and the animal husbandry sector.
  • They have an extensive range of products, including reptile UVB compact lamps, basking lamps, and ceramics.
  • These products ensure reptiles receive optimal levels of lighting and heat for their well-being.
  • Curalux specializes in supplying high-performance animal health products designed for different animals.
  • They understand the importance of creating an environment that resembles their natural habitat.
  • Their products are carefully crafted to support growth and overall health.
  • Curalux goes beyond traditional pet care and offers innovative solutions for the animal husbandry sector.
  • They have developed a horse solarium product that provides a safe and efficient way to dry equestrian companions.
  • They are committed to providing exceptional service and support to their customers.
  • They work closely with experienced veterinarians and industry professionals to ensure quality and standards are met.
  • Curalux invites pet owners, breeders, and professionals in the animal husbandry sector to partner with them.

Their goal is to make a positive impact on the health and happiness of animals

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