Horse Solarium 6.0KW

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Light therapy has multiple benefits including reducing pain, colds, and damaged tendons/ligaments, as well as relaxing muscles. Extensive research has been conducted on horse solarium technology, resulting in various solarium systems in the market with unique features but the same purpose. Equine solariums are popular among competition horses as they play a crucial role in healing and recovery. Horse solariums provide therapy and heat to prevent strains in highly skilled sports horses involved in high-intensity activities. Like humans, horses also require proper muscle warm-up and stretching, making horse solariums beneficial for their overall well-being.

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Product Brochure

1. Horse solariums can effectively improve the well-being of horses by warming up their muscles before exercise and helping them recover after.
2. Regular light therapy sessions provided by solariums contribute to the health and overall condition of horses.
3. Horse solariums feature rows of heat or infrared bulbs that warm the muscles, prevent injuries, promote relaxation, and encourage blood flow for healing.
4. Horse solariums are easy to install and use, eliminating stress for both the horse and the owner.
5. Using horse solariums can reduce the need for veterinary visits and decrease related expenses.

Overall Size : 

65cm Length  x 90cm width x Depth is 30 cm.

Minimum Installation Height :

80cm above the horse`s withers

Power :

6000 watt

Voltage :

240V ac

Coverage Area :

Height of 1 metre area covered is 1.9 metres by 2.4 metres

Height of 1.5 metre area covered is 2.4 metres by 2.6 metres

Height of 2 metre area covered is 3.6 metres by 3.8 metres

Mounting : 

Mounting installation is provided by chains that are provided as part of the install package.