10% UVB Compact Light Bulb 26 Watt
10% UVB Compact Light Bulb 26 Watt
10% UVB Compact Light Bulb 26 Watt

10% UVB Compact Light Bulb 26 Watt

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Made For Reptiles

Victory's Made For Reptiles UV range offers the perfect balance of UVB & UVA output to ensure an optimum environment.

UVA aids general health, appetite and mating instincts.

UVB aids bone health and in some cases has been proven to reduce metabolic bone disease.

The amount of UVB that reptiles need depends on the natural environment that they come from.

Made For Reptiles UV lamps therefore emit a mixture of UVA and a choice of two UVB strengths 5% or 10% to suit different species.

Curalux can assist you with all your reptiles lighting and heating requirements as we specialise in herpetological light sources and solutions. We can offer current the Made For Reptiles brand from Victory, lighting and heating for your lizard, gecko, bearded dragon, chameleon, snake, and many other reptiles these include UVB bulbs, sunlight, infrared basking spot bulbs, UVB for desert dwelling reptiles and lots more. These can be installed into your terrarium, vivarium, and other structures. We can offer equivalent bulbs to Arcadia, Exo-Terra, Zoo Med, and lots of other manufacturers.

Made For Reptiles
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This UV compact lamp emits both UVA & 10% UVB.

The 10% UVB is designed for reptiles that originate from desert areas, where in the wild they would be in direct contact with the suns UV rays.

The lamp has an E27 (27mm) screw fitting. This is the most common lamp fitting for vivarium compact lamps

The dimensions of this lamp are 55 mm x 180 mm

Suitable for Desert Reptiles and Amphibian