150 Watt Ceramic IR Lamp
150 Watt Ceramic IR Lamp
150 Watt Ceramic IR Lamp

150 Watt Ceramic IR Lamp

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Made For Reptiles

Ceramic IR heaters emit long wave infrared light to provide radiant, invisible heat to create natural sunlike heat in reptile vivariums.

The Made For Reptiles infrared lamps produce no light and therefore do not interrupt sleep patterns. The lamps are splash resistant which make them ideal for humid environments.

Curalux can assist you with all your reptiles lighting and heating requirements as we specialise in herpetological light sources and solutions. We can offer current the Made For Reptiles brand from Victory, lighting and heating for your lizard, gecko, bearded dragon, chameleon, snake, and many other reptiles these include UVB bulbs, sunlight, infrared basking spot bulbs, UVB for desert dwelling reptiles and lots more. These can be installed into your terrarium, vivarium, and other structures. We can offer equivalent bulbs to Arcadia, Exo-Terra, Zoo Med, and lots of other manufacturers.

Made For Reptiles
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This Ceramic Heat Emitter provides the heat your reptile needs without any visible light

150 Watt
230 Volt