Jordan P (MD)

What Types of Heat Lamps are there?

What Types of Heat Lamps are there?

Several health issues can affect chickens, and a significant portion of these can potentially lead to death. To minimize the occurrence of these diseases, it is highly beneficial to supply the birds with a cozy and moisture-free habitat. Using a heat lamp can accomplish this.

There is a range of shapes and sizes available for heat lamps, and each kind comes with its own set of pros and cons. The infrared heat lamp is the most frequently encountered type of heat lamp. Infrared heat lamps give off infrared radiation, which the bird's body absorbs, thus providing it with warmth.

On the other hand, these lamps have the potential to emit a high level of brightness, potentially resulting in the air becoming excessively dry, posing breathing challenges for the birds. The red heat lamp is an alternative kind of heat lamp.

Red heat lamps give off both warmth and light because they emit visible light in addition to infrared radiation. Nevertheless, they are not as efficient in heating the air compared to infrared heat lamps, and they can also disrupt the bird's innate sleep pattern. In the end, the choice of heat lamp for your chickens will be determined by your individual requirements and personal preferences.